Polaris project - Diversity panel of 150 high-coverage samples

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Diversity Panel -> public resource of 150 high-coverage genomes made available by Illumina via its Polaris project:


Whole genome sequence (WGS) data was generated on 150 Coriell samples from three different continental groups from the International Genome Sample Resource (formerly the 1000 Genomes Project) based on population diversity. To reduce the number of cell line artifacts, these samples were sequenced based on minimising the number of passages (less than three passages each).

  • HiSeqX ~30x
  • Truseq PCR-Free libraries
  • 2 x 150bp paired-end reads
  • 450bp library insert size
  • 3 super populations: Africa (AFR), Europe (EUR) and East Asia (EAS)
  • 9 populations: ESN, GWD, MSL, CHS, KHV, IBS, CDX, FIN, GBR
  • 100 Males / 50 Females


Polaris project

Diversity Panel

Diversity Panel - ENA repository