Research and Work experience

[2017 - present] Tartu University, Estonia

    Luca Pagani Lab
    Institute of Genomics, Human Evolutionary Genetics Group
    Current position: Bioinformatics Specialist / Research Programmer-Data Coordinator

[2015 - 2017] University of Lausanne, Switzerland

    Marianne Schmid Mast Lab
    Department of Organizational Behavior
    Job position: Programmer for virtual reality in psychology research. 3D modeling/animation

[2013 - 2015] University of Lausanne, Switzerland

    Marc Robinson-Rechavi Lab
    Department of Ecology and Evolution
    Research topic: Gene expression evolution in Drosophila species. modENCODE data

[2012 - 2013] National Institute of Genomic Medicine, Mexico

    Claudia Rangel Lab / Alfredo Hidalgo Lab
    Departments of Computational Biology and Cancer Genomics
    Research topic: Copy number variation in Glioblastoma. TCGA data

[2010 - 2011] Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, United Kingdom

    Chris Tyler-Smith Lab
    Department of Human Genetics
    Research topic: Structural variation in Y chromosomes of human populations. 1000G pilot data

[2009 - 2010] Biotechnology Institute, Mexico

    Federico Sanchez Lab
    Department of Plant Molecular Biology
    Research topic: Gene expression of microRNAs in soybean. NGS Illumina data




    Data processing and data analysis of genomic data using python, perl and R
    Analytical capacity to discuss, carry on, propose new avenues, and drive research